Intro: what?

Resumo solves a requirement of the OSDL's Carrier Grade Linux 3.2 specification, which provides Linux with boot cycle detection and boot image fallback mechanism whenever serious error occurs. Serious errors are system stop errors such as kernel panic.

Resumo is grub patch which adds functionality of error handling. Whenever system can't start or finish correctly, boot loader selects safe(backuped) system image. Safe system images should be prepared in advance by backup tools. The backup tool is also available on this release.

Version 3.0 released!

Vesion 3.0 includes following updates:

  • Flexible escalation setting support.

  • Service start observation support.

  • Operator notification support.



Check README in resumo-tool archive. it explains simple usage. Version 1.0 Documentation is here;

Mailing list

Mailing list will be availabel on sourceforge.


This is the first release of Boot image fallback mechanism. So it may contain some bugs yet;in case you find any, or if you have any feature request, we'd love if you can let us know.

The legal stuff

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